About Ms. Chantal LaTreviette

Cassonade Media is the online artistic workspace of Chantal LaTreviette.  She answers to Ms. Chantal.

Ms. Chantal is a confirmed bachelorette (single and perfectly fine with staying that way). She has mothered many children, believing that maternal instinct is cultivated and is not intrinsic to giving birth.

Ms. Chantal is unapologetically Christian, despite the current climate in America.  She also believes that God deserves better representation.

Ms. Chantal is a Sacred Artist, gifted to show the world who God really is through her artistic talents.  She is a Teacher, a Writer, a Poet, a Licensed Cosmetologist, a Minister of Dance and Mime, a Choreographer, a Dramatist, an Activist, and above all, a servant of the God Who serves NO political agenda.