About Me

My name is Chantal.

I have lived, written, and performed under several surnames, but in every community that I have been a member of, I have always been addressed as Ms. Chantal.

I am single and perfectly fine with staying that way. I have mothered many children that I did not give birth to. I am part of the village that it takes to raise a child.

I am unapologetically Christian, despite the current climate in America. God deserves better representation. I am a member of a church and sit under the teachings of a pastor, yet I am licensed to minister independently.

I am a Sacred Artist, gifted to show the world who God really is through my artistic talents.

I am a Teacher, Writer, Poet, Licensed Cosmetologist, Doll Artist, Minister of Dance and Mime, Choreographer, Dramatist, Activist, and above all, a servant of the God Who serves NO political agenda.

I am odd. I own that.

I am never what anyone expects. I own that, too.