About Me

Cassonade Media is the online artistic workspace of Chantal LaTrèviette.  I answer to Ms. Chantal.

I am a confirmed bachelorette (single and perfectly fine with staying that way). I have mothered many children, believing that maternal instinct is cultivated and is not intrinsic to giving birth.

I am unapologetically Christian, despite the current climate in America.  I also believe that God deserves better representation.  I identify as Baptist, finding the strength of my faith in the Baptist church, but I am an independently licensed Minister.  I sit under a Pastor, but I minister under the direct authority of God.

I am a Sacred Artist, gifted to show the world who God really is through my artistic talents.  I am a Teacher, a Writer, a Poet, a Licensed Cosmetologist, a Minister of Dance and Mime, a Choreographer, a Dramatist, an Activist, and above all, a servant of the God Who serves NO political agenda.

Yes, I may be more than a little odd. I own that.

I may not be or say what you would expect from someone “like me”.

Sorry….not sorry.